Episode 7 - “Anything you say sounds dumb”

July 2, 2017

It's a bumper episode as those sweet sweet boys are shot out of a canon, foppin' fussin' & foamin' to discuss Twin Peaks The Return Episode 7, "There's a body alright". 


- Chrysta Bell. Just one of the guys. 

- Jp gets a wish!

- Ryan podcasts from his car!

- Diane!

- Ray Donovan!

- Bad Cooper... serial rapist? 

- And much much more...


Episode 6 - “It’s a marathon, Ryan, not a sprint.”

June 22, 2017

The Sweet Boys of Summer return to discuss Episode 6 OF TWIN PEAKS The Return, “Dont’ Die”.

• Ryan heroically tries to pulls Jp out of a Sophomore Slump.

•The boys reaffirm each other’s wavering belief that smoking cigarettes may actually cause cancer!

• K-9, King & I or The Principal? What's YOUR favorite Jim Belushi film?

• Mystery! Mystery! MYSTERY!!!



“Touching the Web” (Episodes 1-5)

June 14, 2017

Ryan and Jp get together for their inaugural episode to cover off on episode 5 of Twin Peaks: The Return - "Case files.", but end up talking about a bunch of other things including:

• The previous 4 episodes

• Jp's lack of patience/faith

• How much smarter Ryan & Jp are than dumb reviewers

• Catherine Martell's greatest line delivery

• River's Edge by Tim Hunter (not mentioned by name in the episode)

• Stretched analogies and much much more

NOTE: This podcast is recorded from the bottom of a deep well.